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Did Someone Say "Free"!?!

As a Mom of five I have come to love the word "free" (except for free puppies or kittens...that can be a problem). Our three middle children were born while my husband was in grad school, so for crazy people like us, "free" was high on our priority list when it came to activities and entertainment. Some of our best days were spent at the local mall playing with the train set display at the educational toy store. The Tuesday night pizza buffet was a great night out since kids under 5 were free, and at any given time in the 90's that described the majority of our family. Our boys were thrilled to "play" the video games in the restaurant's arcade. Too bad they eventually figured out it was just the demo and you had to put money in to actually control the game. It was fun while it lasted. The library was a frequent stop and, of course, so were the neighborhood parks.

I love Tulsa World's list of free summer activities, and they came out with it last week! So, if you live in the area and are wondering what's happening around you that won't break the bank, here it is!

What could be more fun (and free) than playing in dirt? (circa 1994)

Obviously some of these are weather dependent, and speaking of weather, the Tulsa area has had its share of it...right? I trust if you're reading this that your family and home are safe from the effects of the terrible flooding we experienced last month. If not, you have been in my prayers. This morning is such a rare, gorgeous treat with a sunny 64 degrees that I had to work outside and enjoy it while it lasts. I hope you can do the same at some point today.

Sometimes I get distracted by this little goof ball

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