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Enough Love for a 2nd Baby?

It often seems that books, blogs and articles about preparing for Baby are focused on the arrival of a firstborn. But for anyone who has multiple children, you realize that, though some information is useful and similar for the birth of all babies, preparing for the addition of a sibling to the family mix has some unique circumstances that require different or additional information.

One of the most common questions I have heard asked by parents expecting a 2nd baby is, "Can I love this one as much as I love my first?" The answer is "Yes" (this is the part where my 2nd through 5th born children breathe a sigh of relief). It's impossible to know, just like with the birth of a first child, if that love will come flooding over you as soon as you see that little face or if it will grow on you as you get to know the human behind the face (either way is completely "normal" and differs from baby to baby). Just know that there is a wonderful way that love has of multiplying even as it's divided up.

The childhood memory of a cartoon came back to me as I was writing this. I include it at the risk of being considered an official old person for referencing Bill Keane's "Family Circus", but don't worry! I do not have a stash of Werther's candy in my pocket nor do I drink prune juice regularly.

I love Bill's thoughts on what inspired this cartoon: "That was how I came upon one of God’s paradoxical laws of love. Real love doesn’t come in limited, finite amounts. It can’t be used up so there is no more. Instead, in a manner that defies physics, the more love you give, the more you’re able to give. Like enthusiasm that fosters enthusiasm, kindness that inspires kindness, cheerfulness that inevitably spreads, love increases when it’s given away." So, as you chase your toddler or answer the 143rd "Why?" of the day for your preschooler and look down at your expanding belly, know that you will indeed love the little one growing inside it.

Just for fun (and maybe to up my "cool factor" after shamelessly including a cartoon favored among retirees) I close with one of my all time favorite commercials that goes along with the theme of expecting another baby. Gotta love marketing that includes a BeeGees song...right!?!

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