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A Bit About Me

My husband and I have raised our own five children who currently range in age from early twenties to early thirties. We've also enjoyed the addition of two daughter's in law to our family over the past few years. And our first grandchild arrived in 2020 with two more since then! I have personally experienced a wide range of birth and postpartum circumstances. These include breastfeeding a baby with a cleft palate as well as pumping and reestablishing milk supply after my own hospitalizations and surgical recoveries. I enjoy walking and yoga for health, exercise and destressing.  My family and I are huge fans of travel and learning from other cultures and countries (but don't worry...I won't leave the country during the times I am committed to serving you and your family!) Along with my husband Charlie, I share my home with a scruffy dog named Lola, a calico cat and a handful of chickens in the backyard. I enjoy making bone broth with herbs from my garden, and bringing it, along with a homemade "LaborAide" electrolyte drink to nourish my clients in labor.  We are involved in a local Tulsa church. Faith and prayer are an essential part of my daily life, but I am eager to serve families of all (or no) faiths and backgrounds. These days you will often find me volunteering with Afghan families in our community through the birth advocacy team that I help coordinate. I've completed workshops in Birth and Postpartum Doula Care through DONA International, and have received Birth Certification through Lifespan Doulas and Postpartum Certification through DONA. I am also trained in Rebozo techniques, Peanut Ball use and in basic life support (CPR) for adults, children and infants. I look forward to assisting families as they navigate pregnancy, childbirth or adoption and the postpartum journey.

Meet Cheryl: About

"She is clothed with strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come."

Proverbs 31:25

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