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Recommendations and References

"I would highly recommend Cheryl as a Doula because she does life with her whole heart. She is a well seasoned mother of five with a sincere desire to help young mothers form a strong foundation, by assisting them as they learn to provide for their newborns and families."

Katrina Kingsley, RN with over 30 years experience working with children and families

"There are many reasons that I would recommend Cheryl as a Doula.  I have known Cheryl for about 15 years and have observed her in a number of settings.  She is a woman whose compassion, integrity and care for others around her is like no other.  She is able to walk alongside individuals and encourage, support and care for them while they walk through exciting and/or challenging times.  She has been a mentor to many young mothers and has a heart to see mothers and their families educated, supported, and encouraged. As a grandmother, I would want Cheryl by my daughter's or daughter-in-law's side during all the stages of prenatal and postpartum. As a Psychotherapist, I recognize the value Cheryl brings to her clients as she educates, assists, and supports them in the birthing and postpartum processes. I would recommend her to my pregnant and postpartum clients."

Charlotte Demarais, 


Owner of Hope Restored Counseling LLC in the Oklahoma City area

"I wanted to say thank you again for your amazing support. You made all the difference in my labor and delivery...Also, thank you for all of the pics!! I didn’t even know you were taking those and they perfectly captured the emotions of everything..."When you got to the hospital I felt such a sense of relief."


Birth Client 2024

"I kept going back and forth on if I needed a doula for the second birth...but I think I would feel so much more at peace with you there. And I know you're well respected at [the hospital], which helps everything"


Birth Client 2023 and 2024

"...your presence yesterday and this past week was invaluable for [us], and we are so grateful"


Birth Client 2024

"...the support you offered me was amazing, and would love it if other moms could have it too"

Z.E.  Cesarean Birth Client 2023

"You've been such an amazing support through all this since the first time we met with you. And having you on our "team" for the birth was absolutely wonderful...We're such newbs and having you around was such a comfort"

C.H. Birth Client 2023

"We truly are so thankful to you and all you did to help us! We've sat and talked over and over again about how amazing/helpful you were. We appreciate you so much"

A.W. Birth Client 2023

"Thank you so much for your guidance and help bringing our baby into this world! We really could not nave done this without you and your guidance"

M.W. Birth Client 2023

"We just got home from the hospital...but I didn't want to wait too long to tell you how unbelievably grateful I am to you, and I know you went way, way above and beyond and you and my nurse saved the day in ways I can't believe. You guys didn't give up on me and my baby and I could never thank you enough."

T.B. Birth Client 2023

"...the absolute best decision we made was choosing to have you as our doula...The way you guided, supported, lifted and held BOTH of us is something that gave us the strength and courage to face something so difficult"

K.A. Birth and Postpartum Client 2023

 "I just had my follow up OB appointment and Dr. B said, and I quote, 'I just want to tell you that your Doulas were awesome! I really believe that they made the difference between you having a vaginal delivery and not a C-section.' I could not agree with her more!!! ...I feel so blessed that God connected me to you."

I.C. Birth and Postpartum Client 2022

"To feel heard and seen is an amazing feeling. Thank you thank you thank you"

O.M. Birth Client 2022

“Hey Cheryl! We wanted to thank you for your time and expertise for not only [our baby's] birth, but also through the whole pregnancy. You were amazing and so supportive. Thank you for being such an advocate and so much support for the both of us. We are so happy that you were our doula and couldn’t have done this without ya!  Thank you!"

B.N. Partner of Birth Client 2022

“I feel so much more confidence, strength and relaxation knowing that I have you by my side"

A.C. Birth Client 2022

"...I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did! You were so helpful and it made the whole experience 10X better. I really, really appreciate it" 

J.M. Partner of Birth Client 2021

"Cheryl was our doula (we are first time parents) and she was phenomenal from beginning to end. Cheryl takes time to know and understand her clients and their vision for pregnancy/birth. She makes herself available to answer all sorts of questions. She is compassionate in times of worry; calm and supportive in times of rest; and is always advocating for clients (mom AND dad). Cheryl’s work enabled us to enjoy the pregnancy more thoroughly and her support during the labor process was tremendously helpful. It would not have been the same without her! Not enough words can be said about what a great decision it was to work with Cheryl! We certainly will again!"

N.R. Birth Client 2021

"Thank you for being so kind and calming...I honestly don't think I could've done it without you"

D.M. Birth Client 2021

"You are the best! Seriously the BEST! Will for sure use your services again."

J.H. Partner of Birth and Postpartum Client 2020

"Cheryl was amazing. She provided so much support...asking for help has never been my strong suit. But with having Cheryl as our postpartum doula I was able to learn how to accept the help that I needed for myself and my family"

R.G. Birth and Postpartum Client 2020

"Just wanted to say I’m so so thankful for you. I’ve had a few friends have babies the last few months and make comments about their birth that make my heart hurt a bit. Glad you were there to give me a voice and help educate me!... Encouragement and knowledge go such a long way. And then the advocacy in the room!"

H.M. Birth and Postpartum Client 2020

"By physically and mentally being present with my wife, that allowed me to have the mental space to take care of everything else going on in our life."


Partner of Birth and Postpartum Client 2020

"Hey Cheryl! I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did! It really helped...and you were fantastic! It really means a lot to us that you came up and did everything you did! You're the best!"

D. P. 

Partner of Birth Client 2019

"Love my doula!
Cheryl Wood 💙💙💙💙"


Birth Client 2019

"We were super lucky to have Cheryl at our birth. She was incredibly supportive & brought a lot of knowledge with her! All of my pregnant friends should check her out, you could definitely benefit from it! She attended my birth, and was a very calming presence. Having her postpartum has been the most helpful though for me, I have run into a few issues and it has been so nice to have someone to help me with things like breastfeeding, attending lactation appointments, etc. that most women need help with, but don’t have someone to go to. She replies to texts very quickly, and it’s really nice not having to make a call-especially since I usually have a newborn sleeping on my lap. If you are looking for a doula, I can’t recommend her enough."


Birth and Postpartum Client 2018 

"Thank you so much for coming to help me as I transition to being a new mom...I don't think I would have pushed through it (difficult start to breastfeeding) had you not come to give me some breaks and encouragement. I will recommend you to all my Mommy friends and for my future babies! You are so kind natured, and I joke to everyone that you are like Mother Teresa ;-). You were such a blessing. You have no idea!"

H. M.

Postpartum Client 2018

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"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there"

Robert Browning

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